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Camelback Mountain Overview

Camelback Mountain is one of my favorite hikes in the Phoenix area, for the hike itself and the view achieved! Upon summiting Camelback Mountain, you will enjoy sweeping 360 degree views of the Phoenix Metropolitan area from your perch at 2,704 feet above sea level. That said, parking and the typically high volume of hikers can make this destination somewhat less desirable. If you have never done it before, this is definitely a great hike and you should do it! Of the two routes to the top, Cholla Trail is my personal favorite. For purposes of visual aesthetics (and comfort from shade, pending the time of year) I recommend doing the Cholla Trail at sunrise and the Echo Canyon Trail in the afternoon/evening. If you are really hardcore, do them both with an over and back (5 miles total for an over and back, not including distance walked for parking)!


The hike itself is wonderful; great views and a well maintained trail! Going up and back on just the Cholla Trail will earn you a 2.7 mile hiking workout, plus whatever distance you have to walk from where you parked (sometimes this can add quite a bit of distance!).

Parking will be your greatest challenge. The pin on the map below marks the trailhead, but do NOT park here. There are many parking spaces along Invergordon Road, which assuming everyone is doing a good job at parallel parking, can fit approximately 60 vehicles legally. Even though it may be extremely tempting, don’t park anywhere it is designated “No Parking”. The police LOVE scouring this area and giving tickets. Don’t think they won’t! It is not out of the realm of possibilities to park elsewhere and grab a ride to the trailhead from Uber or a taxi.

My favorite time to hike Camelback Mountain is first thing in the morning so you get to watch the sunrise. Plus, you typically have an increased chance of getting a parking place; early bird gets the worm!

Gear and Gadgets

This is a relatively simple hike; make sure to wear seasonal appropriate attire, bring plenty of water, and possibly some snacks if you feel you will need some additional fuel along the way. If you prefer going over-prepared or need some additional guidance on what to bring, check out my Day Trip Gear Guide.

If you are going for a more deluxe experience, the top of Camelback Mountain can make for a great picnic at either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just make sure you don’t get mesmerized by the experience such that you get in trouble for being on the mountain after hours! The mountain is only open to hikers from sunrise to sunset.

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