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Cape Royal Overview

Considered by many to be the the best viewpoint at the north rim (that is also highly accessible 🙂 ), Cape Royal provides an amazing focal point to admire with the expanse of the Grand Canyon beyond – for both photographers and the general public. The towering cape of rock that juts out from the viewpoint and curves into the Grand Canyon in the distance provides for a dramatic experience. There isn’t a bad time to visit, but many people find the view the best at sunset – one can hope for some amazing, colorful clouds to act as a backdrop for this amazing feature of the Grand Canyon’s north rim.

If you are making the journey to Cape Royal, be sure not to miss the short side trip to Point Imperial along your way. If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, be sure to check out Point Sublime while on the north rim.



Cape Royal is an easy drive on a paved road, about 45 minutes (one way) from the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge. It is only an additional 20 minutes of driving total if you add Point Imperial on to your itinerary while en route to Cape Royal. Once you arrive at the Cape Royal parking area, you will find outhouse style bathrooms available to use ahead of your <0.5 mile stroll to the Cape Royal viewing platform. The path to the viewing platform is quite level and paved the entire way (wheelchair accessible).

If you are planning a full day of exploring the north rim by car, with perhaps a short hike or two along your way, plan on hitting the three most magnificent viewpoints on the north rim (that aren’t the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge 🙂  ) – Point Imperial, Cape Royal, and Point Sublime.

Gear & Gadgets

Not much is needed to enjoy this amazing place and view! Bring a camera along to capture the amazing views and perhaps a hammock to tie up and relax a bit with a view. If you are looking for ideas no how to gear up for a day trip where this is only one stop, check out the Day Trip Gear Guide.

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