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Havasu Falls Overview

Hands down, Havasu Falls is one of the most iconic locations in the desert southwest. While Havasu Falls and the cascades below were changed dramatically by the flash flood in 2008, the falls are still iconic and the pristine blue-green waters offer a refreshing oasis to all who visit. Whether swimming, taking a nap in a hammock amidst the cottonwoods at the base of the falls, enjoying a picnic at the many picnic benches in the area, or enjoying sunrise yoga at the base of the falls, your time will be well spent at this iconic destination. If you have time to explore the area, be sure to check out Beaver Falls, Mooney Falls, Lower Navajo Falls, and Upper Navajo Falls. Be sure to check out the Havasupai Guide for the high-level details for getting to Havasupai and all the associated logistics.


From the Havasupai Campground, Havasu Falls is easily accessible; it is only 0.15 miles from the southeastern extent of the campground (the entry). See the clip below with the general route shown. There is a marginally steep, short trail that takes you down to the falls. It is narrow; be considerate of others and watch your step! Be careful walking in the water and the rocks surrounding the falls; they can be slippery!

Please note the rating on this post assumes you are starting from the Havasupai Campground and are already setup in the canyon.

Gear and Gadgets

What you bring is largely up to you. With the campground close, you don’t need to bring much unless you want to. Here are some things I have observed people bring to Havasu Falls: Beach Blanket, Yoga Mat, Intertube, Hammock, Frisbee, Book, Camping Lounge Chair, Camera, Corn Hole, … you name it! Make the experience your own!

Havasu Falls is one of the most photogenic waterfalls in the southwest, if not the country! Be sure you have a great camera with which you may capture this gem; check out the Photography Gear & Gadgets Guide.

PS – remember to bring sunscreen and apply appropriately!

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