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Lower Antelope Canyon

If you only have time to visit one of Page’s famous slot canyons, Lower Antelope Canyon has my vote. Known as “Hazdistazí” (meaning “spiral rock arches”) to some, Lower Antelope Canyon brings the most bang for your buck if you have limited time. Even though it is only a quarter-mile long, its landscape is dense in amazing features, including some of the most iconic undulating formations in the rock walls, along with amazing lighting and coloring. Even amateur photographers can take incredible photographs in this canyon!

That said, the passageways in this canyon are quite a bit narrower than Upper Antelope Canyon, the overall hike is longer, and there are some ladders to climb along the way, so this canyon isn’t as widely accessible as others. Of course, that means fewer crowds, too, which makes a visit to Lower Antelope Canyon a little more intimate experience. When you do visit, be courteous in the close quarters. And of course, be cautious, too — not only can the terrain be uneven in spots, but I caught a glimpse of a few black widows in this canyon.

If you are looking for the amazing lighting that this canyon has to offer, try to book a tour in the earlier hours of the day. The depth and angles of the canyon make the lighting the best in the morning (not to mention the cooler temperatures!). If you are really looking for the best photographs, book a special “photography” tour. This will allow you to bring more equipment and spend a little more time getting those perfect shots.

Finally, keep in mind that of all the slot canyons, this canyon is the most likely to be closed due to weather conditions. On the first day of my visit, Lower Antelope Canyon was closed because it was muddy from rain that had fallen a few days prior. At 125’ below the wash, a lot of water can collect in the canyon and may take a while to dry out.

Overall, while it might be a bit more inconvenient in terms of booking and physical demands, Lower Antelope Canyon is worth every bit of the effort!

Please note that you MUST have a Navajo Guide to visit the canyon, typically provided through one of the authorized tour operators. See the link below for more information.

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