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Mountain Sheep Canyon

As its name suggests, Mountain Sheep Canyon offers a rugged feel and more strenuous hike than the other slot canyons. The trek is longer than it is for the other canyons (about three-quarters of a mile), and there is quite a bit of scaling ladders along the way. The ladders are all secured to the rock, but a few of the climbs might be enough to make you a bit nervous…especially with younger children. Also, beware that this canyon is not immediately adjacent to the Antelope Wash, where the others are located; you will have a bit more adventurous (read: bumpy) ride to get to Mountain Sheep Canyon. 

The texture of the stone is a little different here than at Upper Antelope Canyon, Lower Antelope Canyon, and Rattlesnake Canyon; it is more rough and less flowy. The grooves in the stone are larger, rather than fine and granular. The walls themselves also have a more jagged appearance, in contrast to the smoother walls and arches of its fellow canyons. It makes for a different feel that some might find less impressive — one of the reasons this canyon is not visited nearly as often as the others.  

In my opinion though, if you have the time and energy, a visit to Mountain Sheep Canyon is a great way to round out your slot canyon experience and add a bit of photographic diversity to your experience. 

Please note that you MUST have a Navajo Guide to visit the canyon, typically provided through one of the authorized tour operators. See the link below for more information.

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