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Point Imperial Overview

The highest point along the Grand Canyon’s north rim, Point Imperial does not disappoint with its views. The vast eastern horizon lay open from this overlook point, giving a unique perspective to the Grand Canyon. A favorite for viewing sunrise, Point Imperial provides expansive and unique views of the easternmost landscape of the Grand Canyon. It is easy to add this stop on to your itinerary when you are already planning on going to visit Cape Royal, as it is a short detour along the way. If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, be sure to check out Point Sublime while on the north rim.


Point Imperial is an easy drive on a paved road, about 8 minutes (one way) off the road to Cape Royal. From the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge, Point Imperial is a 23 minute drive (one way). There is plenty of parking at the Point Imperial Picnic Area where you can take advantage of the amazing views from the parking lot or go on a stroll down a few steps to a viewing platform for unobstructed views of the east Grand Canyon.

If you are planning a full day of exploring the north rim by car, with perhaps a short hike or two along your way, plan on hitting the three most magnificent viewpoints on the north rim (that aren’t the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge 🙂  ) – Point Imperial, Cape Royal, and Point Sublime.

Gear & Gadgets

Not much is needed to enjoy this amazing place and view! Bring a camera along to capture the amazing views and perhaps a hammock to tie up and relax a bit with a view. If you are looking for ideas no how to gear up for a day trip where this is only one stop, check out the Day Trip Gear Guide.

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