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The Flatiron / Siphon Draw Overview

Along with the Peralta Trail, the Siphon Draw Trail to The Flatiron is considered one of the classic hikes of the Superstition Mountains. Classic, and difficult. The elevation gain is about twice that of Camelback, and trust me, you’ll feel it. Not trying to scare anyone away, of course; the hike is amazing and the payoff (that view!) makes it more than worth it. If you’re really concerned about the difficulty — whether you’re a beginner hiker, hiking with the family, or short on time — this trail is still worth a visit. The first half or so of the trail is rocky but not strenuous. Then there’s a stopping point at a basin that would work as a final destination if you’re not up for taking on the summit.

The Flatiron hike is accessible year round, but would be very brutal in the heat of the summer. I have done the hike to The Flatiron in spring when wildflowers abound, in winter with a slow drizzle at the trailhead and full blown snow at the top, and in early summertime mornings (ascending the trail before the scorching afternoon heat arrives). It is definitely a popular trail and you most likely won’t be alone, no matter when you visit.

Flatiron is a must-hike in the Phoenix area. Once you have bagged this summit, check out the Battleship Mountain hike next.

Flatiron Viewed from Four Peaks Arizona

The profile of the Flatiron, as viewed from Brown’s Peak/Four Peaks.


The US-60 is the closest major freeway to the Superstitions. Exit at Idaho Rd (far East in the Valley, in Apache Junction) and travel north. About a mile after the freeway exit, follow signs for Highway 88/Apache Trail. This will take you northeast to the Superstition Mountains, and straight to Lost Dutchman State Park (FYI, there is a park entrance fee of $7.00). From there, follow signs to the Siphon Draw Trailhead.

Like I said, the first part of the hike is actually pretty easy. Be aware, though, that near the end there is an approximately 10’ tall rock wall that you will need to climb up. As in, hands-and-feet climb up. It is doable for most people in decent shape, but it will involve a little trust in rock outcroppings and big roots. If you’re hiking with a group, let your more adventurous friends go first so they can give you a hand up the rock wall.

Siphon Draw Flatiron in Snow Superstitions

The snow and cloud-draped Flatiron in the distance.

Gear and Gadgets

The day trip gear guide will serve you well. Be sure to bring plenty of water, especially in the hot months. You would also probably not regret taking a snack or even a full lunch along with you; the climb can be exhausting.

If you are in for a little bit of extra fun at the top, it is usually windy up there, and flying a kite could be fun while you take in the views (because hey, why not? 🙂  ).

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