WOW FACTOR: If the respective destination or experience is going to knock your socks off for one or many reasons, this will get five stars.

DIFFICULTY: If this has one star, you can bring your toddlers and/or fit parents and grandparents along. If this has five stars, you need to be really fit, have a lot of great outdoor common sense, and/or have a lot of determination. Don’t push yourself too hard!

$ INVESTMENT: The more stars, the more mullah you will need to make this happen. Unless specifically noted otherwise, this does not take into account the purchase and/or rental of gear, but rather fees, average travel distances and associated fuel costs, etc.

GEAR: The more gear you will need to safely and enjoyably experience the destination, the more stars will appear.

SOLITUDE: How remote is the experience? While the number of people you will likely encounter is partially taken into consideration, it’s better to think of “Solitude” in terms of “chances of getting cell phone and mobile data reception.” The more stars, the less likely you are to have cell reception.

EDITOR’S OVERALL RATING: This is by no means an average of the five components above, but rather is the rating of the Arizona experience as a whole, five stars being the absolute best! There may be a single element or multiples taken into consideration when assigning the overall rating. You won’t find anything on this site with less than a “4 Star” experience.